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Think Pink!: The supplier of the product.
Customer: The person who orders the product from the assortiment from Think Pink! Also the person who is obligated to prepay the ordered products
Receiver: The person who is the party on the delivery address of the order
Transporter: TNT Post
The Terms and Conditions of Think Pink! Are applicable on all deliveries made by Think Pink!. By placing an order in our shop you agree with our terms and conditions.

Think Pink! Acknowledges electronic communicaton and will not deny the Legal effect of it just because of the fact that the communication is electronic.


All offers and sales on their own or in pricelists are not to be recalled and do not hold any obligations for Think Pink! before or after any orders. We will not apply any changes in our prices on orders that have been placed already.


All goods that will be delivered by Think Pink! will remain the property of Think Pink! until full payment of all the goods (including delivery costs) has been made by the customer.
In case of payment on layaway terms the goods will be shipped after the last term is paid in full. The goods will remain the property of Think Pink! until the last payment is received by Think Pink!.


The prices of the products at the Think Pink! Shop are exclusive deliverycosts unless stated otherwise. The total of the deliverycosts will be calculated automatically at the end of your orer and depends on the total weight of the ordered goods including package as well as the distance of the destination from the shippingaddress of Think Pink!
No deliverycosts will be charged on local pick-up.

When you order you are obliged to fill in a complete delivery address. Orders without name, address and or placename will not be handled by Think Pink!
Orders within the Netherlands must be paid in full within 7 days to Think Pink!. Orders from other countries must be paid within 10 days.
At Pre-orders or orders of goods that are not available yet a downpayment of 20% nust be made. U will receive a message straight away after ordering. Downpayments will not be restituted in any case.
When you would like to buy on layaway please contact us to discuss the best arrangement of payment with you. ( usually we accept 5 monthly terms). The product will remain full property of Think Pink! Until the final payment has been made and we will not ship before that.
For the purchase of Ball Jointed Dolls and orders above 100,- the customer must be at least 18 years. When the customer is youger than the age of 18 years parents schould gife written permission prior to placing the order. Without this permission Think Pink! Holds the right to cancel the order without any discusssion.


Think Pink! Is not responsible for damaged of lost goods in packages or envelopes with products from her assoriment of Think Pink! if the customer did not specificly asked for insured/ and or registered shipment if this is not mentioned on the site.


Products will be, when in stock, and after payment is received by Think PinK! Shipped within 3 working days, The shipping service (TNT) will deliver the goods as soon as possible at your delivery address.
If the ordered products are not in stock and/or delivery can not take place according to the rules above we will notify the customer through e-mail or phone upon wich the customer may cancel or change the order.
If at the moment of cancellation the order is processed an/or offered for delivery at TNT we can not accept the cancellation anymore.


Products from the assortiment of Think Pink! Can be paid by (International) Banktranfser or through Paypal or cash on local pick-up.


Before the customer/receiver is committing to place an order the customer must ask questions at Think Pink! in case on unclarity or doubt to make sure that the product that will be ordered is indeed the product that the customer/receiver would like to purchase ( note the contact page )
After reiceiving the ordered products the customer/ receiver has the right to recall within 7 days without any explanation and return the products in unused state and in original packaging. The costs of returning the products are for the customer/receiver as well as the costs made by Think Pink! to accept the payment ( paypal costs ). In case of cancellation within 14 days after receiving the articles undamaged and in original unopened packaging, Think Pink! will refund the amount of money owed by Think Pink!
If the products will be returned AFTER 7 days we will deduct a fee of 20% of the purchase amount for administration costs. The shippingcosts for returning the products are always for the customer/receiver. Products that are specially ordered and/ or made to order for the customer/receiver as well as sale items can NOT be returned. This also counts for ALL pre-orders.  


On all items offered by Think Pink! is a guarantee unless stated otherwise at the subscription of this product. This waranty will keep your rights intact by Dutch law.
Think Pink! guarantees that the products delivered to the customer are are as described in the offer on the site. Think Pink! will pay back the full amount of money if within 10 days after delivery the products show defaults. The customer can also request Think Pink! for a repair, change of goods or delivery of the missing/defect items if they can still be delivered / manufactured.
The Customer must report the defect of a product within a reasonable term after noticing the defect, but no later than 10 days atfer receiving the goods. The defect can be reported through e-mail, by phone or letter at Think Pink! ( see contact data ). Think Pink will refuse to take back any returns wich were not reported upfront. The defect product will be replaced by a product of the same sort and value, in some rare exceptions Think Pink! will give a refund in money. All refunds will take place as soon as possible, but in any case within 14 days after the by the customer announced return shipment is received by Think Pink!
If a product is returned wich is damaged due to wrongful treatment, use or negligence of the customer/receiver by the judgement of Think Pink!, or otherwise will be for the risk of the customer, Think Pink! will notify the customer/receiver and deny the liability, after wich the product can be returned to the costumer only if the customer agrees to pay the shipping costs again.
What you need to know before ordering:
- orders can only be placed by individuals of 18 years and above. If you are younger, we need a written conscent of your parent(s) or guardian(s) before we can accept your order.
- almost all dolls are made to order, we have a small stock but please prepare for a long waiting period.
- a face-up is the facial paint as can be seen in the pictures, unless otherwise specified. A Pink Hazard face-up means that you can indicate how the make-up should be done.
Face-ups are little works of art, produced by hand and they can easily damage with use (dressing/undressing, touching with your hands, rubbing, etc.). This does not constitute a right to return the doll.
- all dolls can be delivered in a selection of skin colors, please note with your order which type you prefer.
- all Ball Jointed Dolls have seams. Some companies offer the service to remove these by sanding before shipping, other companies do not. In many cases it is perfectly normal that you have to sand the seams yourself. This is a trait of the product, as BJDs are intended to spark your creativity by working on them.
- little differences in color in the resin and near the seams (especially with special colors like Tan/Coffee) are normal. This is mostly because the seams have been sanded, but it can also be due to the fact that BJDs are handmade and this process can not be controlled entirely.
- little air bubbles can be present in the resin, especially with BJDs by small companies and artists. If the air bubbles are apparent in the face or in a spot that can easily break, the quality in insufficient and the doll can be returned. If the air bubbles are in an inconspicuous place, such as the rim of the head, the back of the head or in a spot that can not easily damage such as the leg, back, etc. it is a trait of the product.


For all direct material damage of the product made for the customer/receiver wich is directly connected to non-, late or not properly performed execution of the order, the liability for Think Pink! Is limited to the amount of the non-, late or not properly performed execution of the ordered product.
For all indirect damage wich includes delay in the normal way of business of Think Pink! Or in the execution of work or caused by a mistake made by Think Pink!, the customer / receiver can never hold Think Pink! liable for the damage caused by this.
Think Pink! holds the right, if and only when possible to compensate material damage in any way she sees fit. The customer / receiver indemnificates Think Pink! Against al liabilities of third parties wich direct or indirecty, circumstantial or immediately are connected to the performance of the agreement.
Think Pink! Is never liable for ensuing damage.


Force Majeur in terms of the agreement includes all wich is written in law and decisional law. Think Pink! is never to be held to her obligations resulting from the agreement if executing the agreement became impossible due to force majeur. The agreement will be dissoluted.


Think Pink! Is bound by the Law: Wet Persoonsregistratie.
Think Pink! keeps your records only for executing the agreement and for administrative purposes.
Think Pink! will never give your records to third parties without permission of the customer.


Every agreement is made under the condition of cash payment wich includes, accepted creditcard payments through Paypal, or banktransfer.
Think Pink! will not be held to deliver the product for as long as the customer / receiver did not make the payment.
If payments are made in monthly terms the dates of payment must be followed strictly as agreed upon upfront and payments must be made in time. If not all terms are paid Think Pink! has the right to keep the payments that were made by the customer/ receiver without any form of obligation to deliver the product or a replacement of the product (to the value of the made payments) to the customer.
Payment of the orders made in the store of Think Pink! must be received within 14 days after ordering.
The customer /receiver may only change the payment terms if- and made before ordering this is agreed upon by Think Pink! And the customer.

Payment details:
Bank: Rabobank
Address of the Bank:
Kasteellaan 27
6602 DB Wijchen
Tel: 024-3818500
IBAN: NL85RABO0111751837, BIC RABONL2U, t.n.v Think Pink!
Marcia C. Waterreus
Think Pink!
Van Trieststraat 6, 6512 CX Nijmegen, the Netherlands
0031 +24 66 36 800


The customer is default when the obligation to pay the order is not met within the term that was agreed upon ordering. From that moment on is Think Pink! authorized to add extra costs to the order and the customer is default. If this term is passed the customer will receive a written default and another term of 14 days to make the payment If payment is not made in the second term Think Pink! is authorized to have the claim cashed in by a third party. All the costs made by Think Pink! to receive the payment are for the customer /receiver. All costs besides the original amount and interest are for the customer /receiver. At juridical claims wich also holds bankruptcy claims the customer will be held to pay all Legal fees and other costs. Think Pink! will order the receiver to make the payment in case of default of payment.


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